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Les Mills Smart Bars, Body Pump and CXWORKS Resistance Bands

Get Les Mills Smart Bars, Body Pump and CXWORKS resistance bands by Don Oliver Fitness.


Oversized Medicine Ball

Dynamometers - Grip Strength Measurement Devices

Baseline® Squeeze (Bulb) Dynamometer

  • The inexpensive way to measure hand and finger strength
  • The dynamometer is available with and without a maximum force indicator (reset) that remains at the maximum reading until reset
  • Unit is calibrated in PSI (pounds-per-square inch)

Baseline® 3-Bulb Dynamometer

  • Adjustable dynamometer/pinch gauge measures both grip and pinch strength
  • Comes with three different sized interchangeable squeeze bulbs that can be easily fitted to the gauge
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Maximum reading remains until reset
  • Unit is calibrated in PSI (0-30)
  • This unit is similar to the Martin Vigorometer

Baseline® Smedley spring dynamometer

  • The Smedley spring-type dynamometer has been used successfully for many years to measure grip strength
  • Adjustable handle comfortably accommodates any hand size
  • Unit is calibrated in both pounds and kilograms
  • Comes with case

Jamar® Hand Dynamometer

  • Hydraulic dynamometer
  • Gives accurate and repeatable grip strength readings
  • Adjustable 5-position handle
  • Maximum strength indicator that remains after each reading until reset
  • Dual scale shows pounds and kilograms

Tekdyne® Dynamometers

  • Instantly and accurately measure a patient's effort
  • Compression resistance bolster with hand held gauge shows peak strength levels
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Tekdyne� gauge enables goals to be set and attained generating positive feedback

Baseline® Digital Smedley Spring Dynamometer

  • Digital, lightweight spring dynamometer offers accurate grip strength readout
  • Has 5-preset grip sizes
  • Auto captures and displays maximum grip force
  • Assesses results according to age and gender
  • Saves/stores results for fast retrieval with up to 19 users

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