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Water Filtration Systems Protect Your Body

Tap Water

To know for sure what’s in your tap water and where it’s coming from, contact your local water utility. The Environmental Protection Agency requires all water suppliers to issue an annual report to their customers, called a Consumer Confidence Report. Learn more:

  • Look for your water report on the EPA’s local drinking water information page at If it’s not posted there, call your water company and ask for a copy.
  • From the same site, you can read “Envirofacts” reports for your area, which will tell you if your supplier has been cited for violating EPA standards.
  • Find out how to read and understand your water report with a guide from NSF International, a standard-setting and product certification organization for food, water, and consumer goods. You can download the guide at
  • Check the Environmental Working Group’s database on drinking water contamination at


By Dr. Mercola on

If you care about your health, filtering your household water is more a necessity than an option these days. Water pollution has become a very significant problem that simply cannot be ignored any longer.

It doesn't matter where you live, as many of the most dangerous chemicals find their way into the ecosystem and food chain, spreading from one continent to another, as described in a recent article by Prevent Disease.

Fish and other wildlife are demonstrating the ramifications of out of control water pollution, and there's cause to believe chemical pollution may be affecting human health as well, even if the effects are not always as directly traceable.  

The sources of pollution are many, ranging from agricultural runoff and industrial releases, outworn pipes, firefighting foam and pharmaceutical drugs, and even the chemicals used during water treatment themselves.

Whole House Systems

Instaling a whole house water filter can have a profound impact on the quality of life for your family. Some customers, such as customers of AquaOx Filters, say things like:
"After much research, we purchased the AquaOx and have never looked back. All the benefits promised were delivered. Bathing young children in chlorinated water was scary considering every so often our city would mail a TTHM (trihalomethane) warning. This is cancer stuff. Not only does AquaOx eliminate chlorine in the water but also 100s of other contaminants, including lead. Our family and yes, even our loving pets, have welcomed the overall benefits. Your skin and hair after showering feels amazing. Great for coffee and cooking. Great for drinking. Basically, just GREAT."
Home filtration systems are a growing trend and rightfully so. With the discovering of major contaminants such as in the case of Flint, MI, it's almost a necessity that every home in America have one. Just like you would purchase a fire arm to protect your family from intruders, you should purchase a system for your home to protect your family against contaminants.

Everyday Changes

There are some things that we do throughout the dayWhere we might not be awareThat filtered water is a must. Take making coffee for example. Did you know that you are supposed to clean your coffee pot and basket every day using soapy water? There could me mold lurking in your coffee pot and you could be drinking it without knowing it. Read these tips from Good Housekeeping on how to keep your coffee pot clean with a water rinsing mainenance routine. This Old House explains how to choose a water filter for your home in this video:


You need to have a water filtration system on your home. Period. Whether it be to protect the family, have better tasting coffee, or prevent the washer from clogging up with contaminants. Here to a better quality of life. Now go change your life!


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