Perform Better

Trigger Wheel by the Stick

Trigger Wheel

  • A single 2" nylon wheel
  • 1/4" oval treating surface
  • Especially effective in areas too small or too difficult to be reached by The Stick
  • Featured on the Today Show

  • Dramatically improve strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Prevent & predict muscle injuries
  • Eliminates "trigger points" or knots in the leg muscles
  • A must for serious runners
  • Disperse the effects of lactic acid following activity
  • Diffuses muscle stiffness and knots
  • Three sizes to accommodate all body types
  • The handles provide maximum comfort in the grip
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects
  • With proper use, The Stick should last a lifetime


This revolutionary device is used to segmentally compress and stretch muscle, making it highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points.

The Stick is made of a space-age plastic (no rubber or wood) that maintains flexibility.

Its center rod is surrounded by spindles that roll independently over the muscle, allowing users to rapidly prepare muscles for physical activity and accelerate muscle recovery.

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