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Oversized Medicine Ball

Institutional Classic Play Parachutes

Remember how cool it was when your elementary school gym teacher brought out the parachute? It seems like it only happened about once a year, but it's one activity that is remembered by adults very fondly. Our institutional quality parachutes are a wonderful way to give your kids this colorful experience!

Group games:
Place a ball at the top of the parachute with the kids holding it at waist level. Have them work together to roll the ball around the edge, switching directions, and to the center.

Put the balls in the center of the parachute and have the kids make waves with it, creating a 'popcorn' effect.

Team competition games:
Place one ball in the center of the parachute and let two teams work to try to make the ball fly off the opposite side.

Assign colors to each team and have them try to send their color down the hole in the center.

See below for "Parachute Games", a book filled with ideas!


  • Made of high quality rip stop nylon that will stand up to many years of institutional use
  • Features a mesh covered center for increased durability
  • Helps kids develop movement awareness, balance, coordination, flexibility and muscle tone
  • Great tool for cooperative group play
  • Each parachute comes with its own carry bag for convenient storage

Fun Gripper™ Parachute

  • 10’ parachute comes with 12 sturdy handles
  • Made with colorful, durable tie-dye nylon material
  • Machine washable and comes with a convenient case for easy storage
  • Outdoor or indoor fun at school or home
  • Many kinds of imaginative play possibilities
  • For ages 3 and up

Parachute Games
DVD and Book Set

With this new DVD/book set, you can let children preview the games so they can better understand how they are played

  • The best-selling Parachute Games is now revised, extended, and packaged with a DVD you can use to preview selected activities before leading them and let your participants preview it as well so they can see how much fun parachute games are!

  • What's included:
    • Information on the benefits of parachute play and how to lead parachute games
    • Using games to enhance children's social skills, personal behavior, perceptual and physical skills, and basic motor skills
    • How to care for your parachute and extend its life
    • 59 revised and new games, divided into low, moderate, and high activity levels
    • Dozens of new variations of games from the first edition
    • Handy "games finder" helps locate just the game for your group and situation

  • 28 games in live action on the DVD, including three complete sample play sessions, help you apply the information and motivate children to fully engage in and enjoy the games

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