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Cholesterol and Your Body's Health

by Rita Lambros-Segur, M.H.

Just what is this matter we call cholesterol, anyway? Webster's College Dictionary, 1995 edition, states: "a sterol, abundant in animal fats, brain and nerve tissue, meat and eggs, that functions in the body as a membrane constituent and as a precursor of steroid hormones and bile acids: high levels in the blood are associated with arteriosclerosis and gallstones."

That's a mouthful. But without cholesterol the body cannot make the sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and vitamin D. Excess cholesterol is converted in the liver to bile acids, which are normally eliminated in the feces.

Some experts feel high levels of cholesterol have very little to do with dietary intake of it. There is a correlation between blood cholesterol levels and the incidence of coronary artery disease. One must, however, distinguish between the total blood cholesterol level and the cholesterol portion in the blood carried by HDL (high-density lipoprotein).

Before you begin a strict program to reduce cholesterol blood levels, check the total cholesterol to HDL-cholesterol ratio first. This risk ratio can be determined by a simple blood test by any medical doctor.

There does exist hope, however, when one has reason for concern over their blood work. But remember--the body is a fantastic mechanism and always moves itself toward health. To help it along, it needs proper information.

This "information" that I speak of has to do with more than adequate nutrition. In addition to eating more raw fruits and vegetables, and drinking pure water, try to locate a sound nutritional supplier. Years ago, Dr. Linus Pauling's work demonstrated the value of vitamin C in helping the body dislodge and eliminate harmful arterial plaque. If you were to go to your favorite health store or drug store for vitamin C, you probably would not receive the same benefits as Dr. Pauling did. Why is that? (Pauling, Linus & Cameron, Ewan. "Cancer and Vitamin C." Camino Books. Philadelphia, PA, 1993.)

Because nutrients must be in an appropriate electrical matrix or else they are not functional to the human body. For instance, vitamin C is sold worldwide but as a synthetic supplement, usually in a chewable tablet.

Unfortunately, isolated vitamin C is not in a proper electrical matrix making it as useless to the human body as sawdust. Instead, vitamin C must be combined in a matrix form with trace minerals, bioflavonoids and electrolytes. Only when introduced in this particular matrix or pattern can the human body actually use the nutritional information present in the vitamin C.

Vitamin C has been known'for 40 or 50 years'to reduce cholesterol levels. That is not news. The reason most of us have high cholesterol 'which means high plaque levels in the blood, veins and arteries'is that the liver produces low density cholesterol (LDL), then it sends it out to patch up arteries so we don't die of internal bleeding. That low density cholesterol builds up over the years and becomes plaque. Eventually, it clogs the arteries and we go into a condition of stroke.

When you start consuming vitamin C in the right electrical pattern, you are supporting the body's ability to build collagen. As the collagen restructures arteries and veins, plaque is released from the walls of the arteries. Cholesterol levels go up at first. Then they go down. The plaque build-up on your arteries goes down. Your liver stops producing LDL, because you now have collagen to build tissue.

Augmenting your nutritional program with high-quality, plant-based enzymes help the body grab stray protein profiles (plaque), digest them in the bloodstream and deliver them to the liver, which eliminates them from your body. All the tools are here for a clean and well-fed body . . . which means this condition may disappear, as it has in many cases.

Please do not be overwhelmed with all the technical jargon. Simply upgrade your lifestyle and eating habits. Couple that with supplements that mimic natural creation and you've got a winning combination. And who knows, maybe you'll be the next to live your own success story!

Rita Lambros-Segur, M.H., Editor of the semi-monthly ezine named, "Your Electrical Body", Rita has studied with master herbalists and naturopaths alike. Endeavoring to follow the precepts of Dr. John Christopher and the principles of electrical science, she has aided numerous folks to enhance their health.


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