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Tee Ball Equipment

  • Softest polyurethane center
  • Syntex leather cover

5 Position Batting T

Institutional Rubber "T" for Official Games

  • Durable, heavy duty batting tee
  • Telescoping sleeve
  • Adjusts from 22" to 47" to accommodate batters of all sizes
  • Mounted on an official home plate
  • Indoors or outdoor use
  • Use for hitting practice or for official t-ball games
  • Unit knocks down easily for storage

Trainer Batting T

Trainer "T"

  • Batting tee and trainer
  • Elastic cord and rubber baseball
  • Use tee for practice or for tee ball game
  • Unit includes molded weather-proof base, durable rubber top and rubber baseball with elastic cord
  • Height adjusts from 26” to 36”

Rock Over Batting T

Rock Over "T" - with extension available for taller players!

  • Batting "T"
  • Knock it down -- it pops back up!
  • Unique compact unit
  • Made of durable, tough space age material
  • Adjusts every 1/2" from 16" to 26"
  • Recommended for ages 5 through adult
  • Extension shaft to increase overall height to 32" can be ordered below

Champion 10" Recreation Glove
  • Ready-to-use P.E. or recreation glove series in a 10" tee-ball player's size
  • Nylon mesh back and soft leather front
  • Constructed to be ready to use right out of the box, unlike a conventional leather glove that takes weeks to break in
  • Adjustable wrist strap with Velcro® closure to fit any size
  • CLICK HERE to view larger sizes

inflating needles

Ball Trainer

  • Unique ball and cord combination can be used by beginners to train for many sports:
    • On a racquet handle, it's a forearm motion trainer
    • On a baseball tee, it's a ball contact trainer
    • Loop over a hockey stick and it's an easy ball/stick handling drill
  • Allows for more concentrated practice
  • Students aren't chasing balls around
  • Safer for large groups and stations
  • Ball is yellow for good visual tracking
  • 60" long vinyl cord

Baseball & Softball Equipment
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